Cole Sprouse hopes his new look is 'polarizing'

Gone are the days of the “Suite Life” —

a new, darker age has begun for Cole Sprouse.

We’re not talking about his star turn on

“Riverdale,” either. The former child actor

has sprouted a sinister goatee in quarantine.

He shared a photo of the new look

to Instagram on May 7 with the caption,

“How to polarize a young fanbase".

And polarize his fan base he did.

“Villainous,” one Instagram user

commented. “What happened, man,” another

said. “Sir, are you okay?” a third wrote.

Even his former “Suite Life” co-star

Ashley Tisdale weighed in.“Wow

when did you grow up?” she said.

Sprouse recently spoke out to dispel rumors

that he cheated on his girlfriend and “Riverdale”

co-star Lili Reinhart with model Kaia Gerber.

"Attacking my friends, baseless accusations,

leaking my address, and sending death threats

are all qualities of insanity and fanaticism”.

it’s clear he cares about their thoughts

or else he wouldn’t take the time to set them

straight — or joke about his polarizing new look