Cole Richardson Reveals Eye-Catching Custom Outfit

Skiing's just one big fashion show, right? Even if it isn't, I've always lived by this classic mantra: "Look good, ski good."

It seems pro skier Cole Richardson, who recently revealed a custom one-of-one Arc'Teryx kit on Instagram, has the looking good base covered. All he needs to do now is ski good, which shouldn't be too difficult for someone with his talents. See the flashy kit below.

When I was first gifted my still-in-use Arc'Teryx coat eight-odd years ago, it was still considered a "rich dentist brand," highly functional but not necessarily cool. Oh, how times have changed. Now, fashion-forward celebrities and hip skiers sport the brand alike.

Is that a result of Arc'Teryx building a team that better reflects skiing's newschool? Or is it cyclical and often unpredictable fashion trends at work? Honestly, I couldn't tell ya.

All I know is that I'm a fan of Cole Richardson's new Arc'Teryx outfit. It has me scheming how I could get a custom outerwear set of my own.

There are two significant hurdles, though. First, I'd need to get sponsored by Arc'Teryx. Then, I'd have to be good enough to convince them that I, of all people, deserve to have my own unique coat.

I doubt I'll surmount these obstacles, which relegates me to a realm I know all too well: the sales section of outdoor stores. Speaking of that, anyone have a pro deal code I could "borrow"?

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