Cole Hauser Warns “Everybody’s In Danger” During the New Season of 'Yellowstone'

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Cole Hauser Warns “Everybody’s In Danger” During the New Season of 'Yellowstone'
  • Yellowstone is set to return for season 4 on Paramount Network early this summer.

  • Fans are still very concerned about the attacks on John, Beth and Kayce Dutton during the season 3 finale, many fearing that one (or all) of them may be dead.

  • Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, recently shared his perspective on the attacks, including what lies ahead on Dutton Ranch.

No one is safe on Yellowstone after last summer's season finale.

The ending of season 3 left fans fearing the worst about the Dutton family's future. In a matter of minutes, all three Duttons were attacked: gunmen stormed Kayce's (Luke Grimes) office, a bomb exploded at Beth's (Kelly Reilly) office and a drive-by shooting left John (Kevin Costner) struggling on the side of the road.

Although it's still unclear who coordinated the attacks, the odds are currently stacked against Jamie (Wes Bentley). Just before the attacks, Jamie's biological dad told him to "kill the king" and moments later, he told Rip (Cole Hauser) to never call him again. While Jamie is the obvious choice, fans aren't ruling out the people from Market Equities and Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) since both parties have been trying to take over the Dutton's land since the start of the show.

The tensions are higher than ever, which means only one thing: Season 4 will start off with a bang. "Everybody’s in danger in Montana after that," Cole told Deadline, after joking that the first episode of the season might be titled "Wrath of Rip." Kelly Reilly, on the other hand, kept quiet, giving no clues about what's next for Beth (if she makes it to season 4 in one piece, of course). She did, however, mention that the coming season is the "most satisfying" one yet — so interpret that as you will.

Photo credit: Danno Nell
Photo credit: Danno Nell

What's more, Cole and Kelly revealed how Rip and Beth's love story is only beginning to take shape. "He [Taylor Sheridan, the show's creator] made it a slow burn for us and it has taken four years now to investigate each other as people, and how their hearts beat," Cole said. Kelly was careful not to reveal too much, but she did say that Rip "provides a level of healing for Beth," which let's face it, is needed now more than ever. "Rip loves her in a way that’s so unconditional and she’s starting to settle into that place. It’s so beautiful these broken characters are finding some sort of home with each other," she continued.

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