Cold breakfast recipes that are perfect for summer

On hot summer days, a sizzling plate of pancakes, eggs or bacon can be unappealing. If you’re craving lighter, more refreshing breakfast options this summer, try a cold breakfast recipe from TikTok. Whether you like your breakfasts sweet or savory, there’s a cold breakfast recipe on TikTok that’s sure to hit the spot. Here are five cold breakfast recipes that are perfect for summer!

1. Strawberry cheesecake yogurt cup

This strawberry cheesecake yogurt cup is high in protein and deliciously sweet! To make it, mix Greek yogurt and sugar-free cheesecake pudding mix in a bowl. Then pour it into a Mason jar, layering it with fresh strawberry slices. Refrigerate the strawberry cheesecake yogurt overnight, and enjoy the next morning!

2. Chocolate chip cookie overnight oats

These chocolate chip cookie-inspired overnight oats are perfect for chocolate-lovers! Start by pouring oats and fat-free milk into a resealable container. Then mix in warmed cookie butter, vanilla protein powder and chocolate chips. Refrigerate the oats overnight, and dig in!

3. Avocado and lox toast

This simple avocado and lox toast breakfast is perfect when you’re craving something savory but don’t want anything hot. To make it, just place a few slices of smoked salmon on a piece of sourdough bread. Then peel and slice half of an avocado, and place it atop the salmon. Garnish with capers, everything bagel seasoning and green onions, and enjoy!

4. Vegan peanut butter and banana yogurt bark


Reply to @martinarizq7 usually greek yogurt OR cashew yogurt for all my dairy-free friends. btw may be making this on TV soon guys omg🫣 #yogurtbark #breakfastideas #snackideas #easyrecipes

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This vegan peanut butter and banana yogurt bark is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, and makes a great on-the-go breakfast! Start by lining a baking sheet with parchment paper. Then spread cashew yogurt in a thin layer on top. Swirl in a few dollops of creamy peanut butter. Then add banana slices and vegan chocolate chips. Freeze until the yogurt solidifies, and enjoy.

5. Strawberry, blueberry and chia açaí bowl

For a breakfast that’s packed with fresh fruits, try this strawberry, blueberry and chia açaí bowl! Simply blend up some frozen açaí with a bit of coconut water. Then thinly slice strawberries and bananas. Pour the açaí mixture into a bowl. Then top it with the strawberries and bananas, along with granola, blueberries, shredded coconut and chia seeds.

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