Cockatoo Waiting for Dad to Dance with Him Is Too Much

This bird will make you wanna shake your groove thing!

Cockatoos are TOO much! Not only are these gorgeous birds capable of learning to speak around twenty or so words, they are also amazing dancers. This beautiful birdie who is owned by TikTok user @DjSkorpious is notorious for getting her groove on

Just check out Pearl the cockatoo here and see if her little happy feet don't get you to start moving. 

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Awww! She is so precious! We love how she keeps looking back at her dad, David Holt, as if to say "Come on dad, it's time to dance!" @Sh.Williams comments, "Every time she pauses to try and figure out the beat, I smile. She's so cute and smart!!" She really is! Plus, Turn Down for What is a bop so we can't blame her. @Pegisshort agrees, typing, "Music is powerful. You can't turn this song away when it plays." Word! @Jayme is feeling it, commenting, "I'm officially not scared of this beautiful bird, and now I want one....DANCE PARTY!" 

You can train your bird to dance, and one of the best tips is to play upbeat music and dance with them as an example. Dancing, even by yourself, has been proven to not only energize people, but to put them in a happy mood. Just add a pretty birdie to that and what could be better? 

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