Cockapoo Excitedly Walking Down the Aisle at Her Parents' Wedding Is the Sweetest Thing

This TikTok-famous dog had to take a break from the spotlight as her humans got married, but she still stole the show in a perfect moment that was just for her. Luckily, someone captured it on video too!

You may know Luna the cockapoo as the math-solving dog from social media, but now she's a wedding pro, too. Her walk down the aisle was as cute and chaotic as can be, but we're sure her newlywed parents wouldn't have it any other way. Check it out on her account, @lunatheminicockapoo!

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What a good girl! She was the perfect addition to her parents' wedding ceremony, even if she did get a bit distracted while making her way down the aisle. What can she say? She saw Grandpa!

"Grandpa keeping Luna on task," was a favorite detail of @socafoodie's, and it was a favorite of ours, too. Their interaction was just so genuine and sweet! There's zero doubt in our minds about how excited this pup was to be there with all of her loved ones. That's just another reason why dogs in weddings can be so much fun!

It doesn't surprise us one bit to see Luna going nuts for her Grandpa and then her dad. Cockapoos are total people-pleasers! They were bred to be hypoallergenic, healthy companion dogs--and that's exactly what Miss Luna is. We only wish we could've seen her reaction to her beautiful mama! Maybe if we ask nicely, Luna the Cockapoo's parents will upload more videos of their pup in their wedding... after their honeymoon, of course!

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