'Cobra Kai' Star Ralph Macchio Addressed This Old Cast Member Returning for Season 6

'cobra kai' cast member ralph macchio on season 6
Ralph Macchio on Hilary Swank's 'Cobra Kai' DebutGetty Images

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That's right, folks. Ralph Macchio might've signed off on this remaining member of the original Karate Kid franchise to help close out Cobra Kai.

While Netflix announced Cobra Kai season 6 as its last, it has only released small teasers for what's ahead. One thing's for certain, though: each season traditionally extends nostalgic invites to the Miyagiverse's major players. So, with an end in sight, fans can't help but wait with bated breath for one last alum to finally join the fold. That's Julie Pierce.

Hilary Swank played the child prodigy in The Next Karate Kid. On Live With Kelly and Ryan, she even admitted that she'd be game upon getting the call.

1994 noriyuki pat morita as mr miyagi and hilary swank as julie pierce in the next karate kid photo by getty images
Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce and Noriyuki Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi in a scene from the 1994 film The Next Karate Kid.Getty Images

"I'm not in Cobra Kai, no one's asked me to be in Cobra Kai," she told the hosts. "A lot of people ask if I'm going to be on it. It's like, the no. 1 question I get."

It seems like Hilary's quotes made their rounds back to Ralph. In an October 2022 interview, the actor commented on whether Cobra Kai had another cameo under its belt. To that, Ralph said, "I think there’s certainly room in the Miyagiverse."

The My Cousin Vinny star noted that Hilary's cameo would make total sense. "You would imagine that Julie Pierce and Daniel LaRusso knew each other even though we don’t have those scenes, and I’m not a part of that specific film," he told CinemaBlend.

1994 hilary swank as julie pierce in the next karate kid 1994 cpt holdings, inc photo by getty images
Hilary Swank as Julie Pierce for the 1994 film The Next Karate Kid.Getty Images

Ralph went on to say that the final word belongs to the showrunners, but it's not a closed discussion. He expects that "if there's an opportunity, it will be taken up on."

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He added: "Listen, most of this rests on Jon [Hurwitz], Josh [Heald] and Hayden [Schlossberg], who create the show, and the writing staff. And we’re always very collaborative, and we always talk through things. They are great listeners and that’s why, like I said, they care, and I care. So, I think that’s why everything's working."

Turns out, every possible character cameo in the Miyagiverse has been mulled over in the writers' room — showrunner Jon Hurwitz assured that includes Julie Pierce.

He ultimately left that prospect open-ended in December 2020: "As to whether or not she’ll return to the series, that’s something you’ll just have to wait to find out."

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