Some 'Cobra Kai' Fans Think '80s Icon Anthony Michael Hall Is in Season 3

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The following story contains very light spoilers for Season 3 of Cobra Kai.

  • Season 3 of Cobra Kai features flashbacks to Sensei John Kreese's Vietnam war past throughout.

  • Many fans believed that Kreese's commanding officer, a character named Captain Turner, was played by '80s icon Anthony Michael Hall.

  • Turner is not played by Hall—though he is played by someone frequently mistaken for him.

For three seasons, Cobra Kai has been a beacon for '80s nostalgia. Yes, the show's core—a 34-years-later sequel to The Karate Kid—sets up for that inherently, but the show has made it seamless and wonderful. If that means '80s jams, returning original stars, and badass sounding karate dojos, well, then, why wouldn't it also mean the appearance of one of the decade's biggest stars? Many Cobra Kai viewers believed that Captain Marshall—a military character who appears throughout the season's John Kreese Vietnam flashbacks—was actually played by Anthony Michael Hall, who starred in beloved movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles. But, alas, it's not him.

In fact, though, Captain Turner was played by actor Terry Serpico—who has been confused with Hall, by some, for years. Some other credits viewers may have seen Serpico in (and perhaps confused him with the Weird Science star) include 2007's perfect thriller Michael Clayton and one of 2020's buzziest new shows, HBO Max's The Flight Attendant. He also played a role in Paramount's Yellowstone, where he was also confused with Hall.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Men's Health
Photo credit: Men's Health

A Reddit thread also raised a comparison between the two actors, knowing that Captain Marshall was indeed played by Serpico, but wondering if anyone else thought the two shared a resemblance. Spoiler alert: others agreed.

"It's crazy how he changed from a nerdy kid in the mid 80s to the guy that bullied Edward Scissorhands and now people thought he was the tough Marine Captain," U/Apple-Present wrote. "It would be crazy if white Bert ended up as an action star in the future (or Asian Bert for that matter)."

Photo credit: Michael Tullberg - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Tullberg - Getty Images

Others tended to agree with the notion that the two actors look alike. "Thought Kreese’s captain was him the whole time," wrote u/tjk5150.

Some on Twitter also saw the similarity and admitted to making the mistake.

After the events of Season 3, it doesn't seem likely that Serpico's Captain Marshall will return for more. But we certainly can't rule out an appearance for Hall himself in Season 4. We'll just have to wait and see.

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