Is That 'Cobra Kai' Drama I Smell?

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Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Kovac - Getty Images

Genuinely, it's getting harder to follow the '80s-reboots-and-remakes news cycle by the literal week. Recently, we learned about Sam and Victor's Day Off, which, you guessed it, is a spinoff of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And last Friday, we got word of a new, new project from the Karate Kid universe, which already has a long-running spinoff series in Cobra Kai.

Sony Pictures announced that a new Karate Kid movie will hit theaters on June 7, 2024. No specific plot details were announced for the film, but Sony said that it will mark the "return of the original Karate Kid franchise." Cryptic! Now, you're probably asking: given that Cobra Kai is massively successful, the new flick must have something to do with the series, right? Wrong. In a Twitter Q&A over he weekend, Cobra Kai producer Jon Hurwitz wrote that he hardly knows anything about the movie. "The guys and I would love to make Karate Kid and Cobra Kai movies and hope to someday," Hurwitz wrote in a tweet, which you can view below. "But this one isn't from us or focused on the Cobra Kai cast. Don't know much about it, but wish it well."

Is that the teensiest bit of drama I smell? It's understandable that Sony would choose to tell a Karate Kid story that, hypothetically, has little to do with Cobra Kai. But not looping in the people who made The Karate Kid relevant to an entirely new generation??? Of course, we don't know the finer details here, but it feels a little weird! If the "return of the original Karate Kid franchise" includes Ralph Macchio's Daniel LaRusso, how the heck will they handle the man's five seasons of debauchery? Maybe the new Karate Kid film will choose to follow a young Mr. Miyagi, avoiding the need to address Cobra Kai at all. Sony? We need answers.

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