Co-op launches rose ice cream cones perfect for Valentine's Day

The ultimate Valentine's Day present? [Photo: Co-Op]
The ultimate Valentine's Day present? [Photo: Co-Op]

First the chicken nugget bouquet and now this, we feel very spoilt this Valentine’s Day.

If you would rather enjoy sweets over a bouquet of flowers - or something savoury like chicken nuggets, then the Co-op’s latest launch might be for you.

The rose ice-cream cones are shaped like a bouquet of roses and are launching next week just in time for 14th February.

Yes, the roses are pretty easy of the eye but it’s not all about the way they look.

The cones are made of strawberry ice-cream blended seamlessly with a sharp strawberry sauce. The “stem”of the flowers is made from a green wafer cone. Yum.

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And it might not just be Valentine’s Day they’re appropriate for either - if you don’t have a fortune to spend on wedding flowers and you want to run down the aisle (to save the melting) then these might be for you.

Jokes aside, the £2 box of ice creams will be available from 1 February.

It seems a growing number of people are shunning the traditional flowers for something a little bit more quirky this Valentine’s Day.

There’s method to the madness - you can’t eat flowers after all.

If you do decide to give this ice cream bouquet as a gift, though, you’re going to have to be pretty confident that the recipient can eat them quickly.

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The savoury equivalent - the chicken nugget bouquet - has risen in popularity after a bride walked down the aisle with a big bouquet of McDonald’s nuggets.

According to Delish, the best bouquets are made with about 24 chicken nuggets. That’s almost enough to share.

You simply spear the nuggets onto some bamboo skewers and wrap the outside with cellophane. This isn’t just for aesthetics reasons, but also because nobody wants greasy hands.

And hey, why stop there?

If your partner isn’t into chicken nuggets or ice cream - you can really make a bouquet out of any solid food.

We can’t wait for what comes next. Sushi, burgers, little glasses of gin and tonic? We’re here for it.

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