CNCO Answers "Highly Debatable" Food and Social Media Questions in Hilarious New Video

Selena Barrientos
·1 min read

From Good Housekeeping

CNCO band members Joel, Richard, Erick, Christopher and Zabdiel know how to get a room dancing. Off stage though, the five Latinx stars love to joke around with each other over their differing opinions about favorite holidays, animals, and, of course, social media.

Speaking with Good Housekeeping for our YouTube video franchise “Highly Debatable,” the Latin Grammy-nominated boy band shared their honest thoughts about food and travel. Hilariously though, not everyone was on the same page. While Joel, Richard and Christopher bonded over their shared love of pineapple pizza, Erick and Zabdiel said no thanks. What's more, when asked who they would like to collaborate with between Jennifer Lopez or Shakira, they ultimately couldn't decide. Still, CNCO did agree on other important matters like the window airplane seat over the aisle seat and eating a sandwich as a whole instead of cutting it up.

For all of their interesting takes, you’ll have to see the video above for yourself. After watching, make sure to listen to CNCO’s latest album Déjà Vu, which is out now everywhere.

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