Clever Dog Plays Rambunctious Game of 'Fetch' All By Himself

Fetch can be one of the funnest games you can play with your dog, and also one of the most boring. Ask any pet parent who has tossed the ball roughly 90 gazillion times in a row.

TikTok user @Milo_and_us 's clever Labrador/Springer mix has figured out a way to indulge in this game all by himself!

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What a smart puppy, who is definitely going to need a bath after this walk in a forest in Scotland. It's so funny how he tosses the ball from the bridge and then rambunctiously gallops down the trail to the hill to the stream to fetch his toy. He's made himself his own little obstacle course!

Fetch is one of the easier games to teach a dog, because most dogs love nothing more than retrieving things. The AKC explains the best way to teach a dog to fetch is to first find out what toy interests them the most, whether that be a stuffed animal or a tennis ball. You then slowly introduce the dog to the concept of holding the toy before you introduce the verbal cues of get it or fetch. The goal is to break down the retrieve into very small behaviors so your dog can be successful instead of starting with the toy next to you and immediately moving it across your yard. Praise and edible treats will also go along way towards reinforcing this behavior.

Before you know it, your dog will be such an expert at this game they may even start playing it by themselves. That will give you more time for doing more important tasks in your backyard. Like working on your tan line.

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