This Clear Portable Standing Desk Easily Attaches to Any Window

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: @themarianajames/TikTok/DeskView
Photo credit: @themarianajames/TikTok/DeskView

From House Beautiful

Those who are dealing with a tight space while working from home right now might want to consider this: a clear portable standing desk that mounts to any window. There’s one from the brand DeskView on Amazon that people are obsessing over right now.

The clear, acrylic standing desk takes little-to-no effort to install. It uses suction discs to stick to any window and can hold up to 40 pounds. It can be used as a desk, makeshift nightstand if you have a window near your bed, or just for extra shelf space. The best part? You can also it without leaving any marks. It's never been easier to pack up your desk at the end of the workday.

At about 24 by 14 inches, the desk is fairly easy to carry around. It’s ideal if you need to work while you’re at someone else’s home or on a (safe and socially distant) trip. One reviewer who gave the product five stars shared that they use it to pop around different rooms in their home throughout the day for a change of scenery. Another reviewer shared the desk doubles as a “cat spot” when they’re not using it, because felines love laying on it. You can buy the desk for $265 on Amazon. That’s a tad pricey, but the investment seems worth it if you use a desk often!

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