This Cleaning Tool Is TikTok's Hidden Gem For Ridding Disgusting Amounts of Grime

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The Bissell SteamShot Is TikTok's Hidden GemHearst Owned

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We all have those places in our homes that feel impossible to clean. Whether it's the gunk on your tile floor or limescale built up on your shower door, there are some surfaces that (even with a little elbow grease) seem impossible to fix. However, one particular viral steam cleaner could be the solution—the Bissell SteamShot. Plus, it's just $42 on Amazon.

TikTok is home to grossly satisfying viral cleaning products like the Bissell Little Green Machine and a nifty wall mop. The hashtag #CleanTok has more than 70 billion views, with #BissellSteamShot nabbing 4.7 million of those. This handheld cleaner started cropping up after users posted videos that demonstrated the device's rapid heating and powerful steam cleaning of tile grout, stovetops, bathrooms and more.

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Those who swear by the SteamShot say the vapor can blast caked-on dirt and stains off of nearly any hard surface. Scrape, scrub or buff grime away thanks to the SteamShot's eight different attachments. The brand recommends the squeegee to target limescale buildup on shower doors, the brush attachments for scrubbing gunk out of tile and the scraping tool to lift away dried spills. There's also a narrow nozzle to help you spray down hard-to-reach corners.

One TikTok video showed the before-and-after transformation of the inside of a shower. The steamer melted built-up residue around the drain, along the walls and even inside the tracks on the sliding glass door. Other posts show people spraying dust and dirt out of window seams or targeting greasy food stains on their stovetops. After loosening debris with the device, just take a sponge for a quick wipe of the surface.

TikTok users aren't the only ones to sing the Bissell SteamShot's praises—it has more than 23,000 reviews on Amazon and an average star rating of 4.6. Reviewers say it helped them remove dirt and grime all over their house, from the back porch to the kitchen sink.

"For years, there have been spots around my place that have haunted me," one reviewer says. "No matter how hard I scrubbed with various types of cleaning equipment and solvents, they just ... remained. Thirty seconds with this steam cleaner and suddenly they disappeared. It truly is worth the money!"

We're convinced this little handheld device is going to be the next cleaning tool sensation, which means it's at risk of selling out. Shop the Bissell SteamShot now for just $42 on Amazon.

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