"The Circle's" Karyn Has Talked to the Real-Life Mercedeze

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

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  • Netflix's The Circle officially began streaming on January 1, 2020.

  • Contestants were secluded in their individual apartments for 15 days of filming.

  • As for where exactly The Circle building is located? We reveal that—and a bit more—below.

Netflix's The Circle is our latest addiction, and we're not afraid to admit it. What better way to pass the time than to watch a bunch of millennials battle it out for $100,000? They're secluded from the outside world—and each other—and their only means of communication is through an obscure social media platform.

OK, it sounds kind of weird, but we swear it's worth it. (Check out the ins and outs of the game here if you're not convinced). But the downside? Unlike most Netflix shows, we can't binge The Circle all at once. Episodes are released four at a time on a weekly basis, which leaves plenty of room to overthink. Questions I myself have had range from "Where even are they?" to "Is 'The Circle' program actually a thing?"

For inquiring minds, we've answered both of those (and a few more) below so you can increase your knowledge about this one-of-a-kind-game.

Netflix's The Circle wasn't filmed in the United States.

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Show creator Tim Harcourt confirmed to OprahMag.com that the American version was filmed in fall 2019 for a total of 15 days in the same Salford, Manchester building as the original U.K. show. However, though Harcourt was unable to reveal anymore details about the location, British media have discovered the set is located at an actual apartment complex called the Adelphi Wharf.

If you were hoping to own a real-life apartment from The Circle, we've got a bit of bad news. According to Capital FM, all units are sold.

"The Circle" social media platform is real.

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If you're anything like me, then you're probably questioning the legitimacy of "The Circle" program every time a cast member orates a sentence or extremely specific emoji to a random screen, following up with the command, "Send!" Is that computer program actual magic or is their a production assistant hidden in a random backroom doing all the work? Well, turns out it's the former.

An outside tech company was hired specifically to create the program back when producers were putting together the U.K.'s season 1. "We had to go on a journey in learning, but we did actually build [The Circle] for the show itself."

They have no Wi-Fi, like, at all.

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That's right, just like Big Brother, during the full 16 days of filming the show, Harcourt revealed the cast has no access to the internet so as to stay cut-off from the outside world. They weren't aloud to bring their smartphones or laptops, but were permitted pre-dowloaded music, books, games and magazines. Each contestant was also assigned to a producer who walked them through the do's and don'ts of the game, while also giving them a bit of face-to-face interaction.

"It was actually kind of really fulfilling in a weird way because you're shut out from the outside world, so all the responsibilities, all the digital media we're constantly bombarded with was gone so it really just makes you focus on yourself," contestant Shubham Goel told OprahMag.com.

The cast still keeps in-touch.

Both Shubham and fellow cast member Karyn (who Catfished as "Mercedeze") confirmed that cast largely keeps in-touch. And despite living in different parts of the country they maintain an active group chat. New Jersey native Joey Sasso even took to Instagram to share a screenshot of an hour-long conversation he's recently had with Shubham.

"Yes people that’s right, the bromance is still real. Nothing fake about it. Love my boy," he captioned the snap.

Karyn met her real-life Catfish Mercedeze.

Remember how Karyn used a completely different person's photos and dubbed her "Mercedeze." Well, she's since been in contact with the woman and those pictures, and all is well.

"She actually DM'd me and was like, 'Hey!,'" Karyn revealed. "And when I saw the message I replied to her so quickly, like 'Thank you so much. I really hope I did you justice.' With that conversation we've actually become pretty cool."

Karyn went on to explain that she even put together a package for the real-life "Mercedeze" of The Circle memorabilia, and is even friendly with a couple other Catfish personas from the show. She's invited them all to a finale party she's planning for the cast.

"It's a family of perfect strangers, and it's something we'll all be able to share," she said.

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