This Is Cindy Crawford's Modeling Advice for Daughter Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber dished on the modeling advice mom Cindy Crawford has given her as well as the mentoring she has provided to older brother and fellow model Presley.

Cindy Crawford has passed down more than just her model good looks to kids Kaia and Presley Gerber.

Fifteen-year-old daughter Kaia, who has already launched a solid modeling career that includes a gig as the face of the Daisy by Marc Jacobs fragrance, knows that it takes more than good genes and a supermodel pedigree to make it in the fashion industry.

The teen opened up to E! News about the advice the '90s icon has given her. "My mom always just told me to stay true to myself and be myself and I think people don't remind girls that enough," she said. "I think people might try to change themselves a lot in this industry."

And while Crawford has confessed to previously accompanying her daughter on shoots and being very involved in her fledgling career, the star now checks in with the young beauty for more motherly concerns.

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"She's calling me throughout whenever I am working and asking me: 'How's it going? Did you eat? Did you get enough sleep last night?'' Gerber said.

The 15-year-old also dished to People Style about paying mom's wise words forward by taking on a mentor role herself with her brother Presley, who is also a model. She gushed, "I love it because I just see him doing so well. He doesn't really know much about the industry, so I get to teach him."

Adding that she introduces the 17-year-old to designers and other people in the industry, Kaia proved that there isn't any sibling rivalry between the two fellow models.

"I love working with him and every time we book a job together I get excited," the star revealed. "At first when we were starting out, we used to shoot a lot together and we would just be there for each other, which is important, especially just starting in such a scary industry—to have someone there that you're comfortable with."

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Wise words!