Ciara Is "So Proud" of Growing Out Her Hair After Relaxer Damage

She swears she'll share her hair secrets soon.

Ciara has long, beautiful hair — and she wants her fans to know how hard it's been to get there.

In a series of Instagram posts, Ciara showed off waist-length pigtails styled for a shoot for her upcoming album Beauty Marks. But the real beauty came when she was back in her hotel room with the hair extensions removed. In a video, she shared just how long her natural hair has grown. "I just took my hair down from my two pigtails, and I'm so proud because my hair is growing," she said.

She explained that when she was a child, chemical relaxers were used to straighten her hair and caused it to break. "It took out my hair. I was devastated," she wrote in a caption. Now, she's "so proud" of her natural hair and the regrowth that has taken years — and taught her a lesson about confidence along the way.

The star recently told Essence that it's taken her over a decade to feel confident without extensions in. Even with natural hair that reaches past her shoulders, she still opts for the occasional extra inches. “I do like when I get those 34 inches, but I don’t want to rely on this," she explained in an interview. "Underneath it all, I still want to make sure I’m cool with myself and who I am. I feel like I’m in a really good place with understanding that and loving myself as I truly am.”

That philosophy extends to her skin, which she's been baring on Instagram lately with no makeup and no filter. With or without makeup on, the glow is real.

For now, Ciara hasn't divulged any details about how she got her hair back in shape. Still, she did tease a more complete hair strategy sesh coming soon. "I'll share my secrets later," she said. We'll be over here waiting.

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