Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay Try Firefighting in New Photos

If Law & Order: SVU doesn't work out for Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay in the long run, at least they're tucking some new skills underneath their belt!

The pair recently spent the day training alongside New York City firefighters and the "epic" photos of their adventures have sparked some ideas within the fandom, many members of which are now dreaming of an alternate universe in which Olivia Benson is the caption of the fire department.

The two got to suit up in their own turnouts for some drills thanks to the Leary Firefighters Foundation, which provides funding and resources to departments country-wide to ensure access to the best equipment, technology and training.

Other actors, such as Denis Leary—who founded the organization after his cousin and childhood friend, along with four other firefighters, were killed in a Worcester, Mass. fire—and Adam Ferrara were there "learning the trade" with them, as seen in several photos shared by Meloni on Instagram yesterday, May 5.

According to Hargitay's post, Leary invited the group along to celebrate International Firefighters Day. "Had the most epic day with @learyfirefighters," she wrote. "It was an honor."

While Meloni's photos were all taken safely on the ground, Hargitay shared several from the top of a three-story facade that the crews use for training. She hung out the window in her gear, a mock streetscape seen behind her.

She also uploaded a video someone else took from the ground while she rappelled down the wall, securely harnessed to the ropes and decked out in full turnouts. "What a day!" she captioned the video in part, also making a joking reference to her recently broken ankle.

Fans let their imaginations run wild in response, dreaming up another world where Bensler were firefighting heroes.

"Maybe Captain Benson and Detective Stabler were firefighters in another universe…😉🔥," one commented.

"in a parallel universe it was captain benson of the fdny 😌," said another.

"Captain Burnson.™️," someone else joked, while another suggested a future plot point when they wrote, "Ooo Olivia benson undercover as a firefighter? Yes please."

This sounds like the perfect time a Chicago Fire crossover to us!