Christina Hall Reveals Her ‘Toughest’ Clients: ‘They Actually Didn’t Follow My Advice’ (Exclusive)

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Christina Hall

Christina Hall has encountered her "toughest" clients to date, and they might surprise you. Drum roll, please. They're her mom and dad.

The HGTV star's parents will be featured on Christina on the Coast when the show returns for Season 5. "I'm actually doing my parents' house this season," Hall revealed during an interview with Parade. "That's a good one. And they actually didn't follow my advice, so that was fun." 

While her mom and dad didn't follow her advice "when it came to opening up their floor plan a bit," the pushback on materials has not been "as bad as" The Christina Collection founder originally thought. Yet, "they're my toughest client," Hall says, adding that's why she "waited so long to take them on."

A premiere date for new episodes of Christina on the Coast has not yet been announced, but the TV personality tells Parade, "I would say sometime this year."

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Hall, who was still in the middle of filming in February, has teased that they're doing a lot more coastal properties, and the designs are "a bit elevated."

She shares, "We're trying to make every house unique. And so we're really pushing our clients to kind of step out of their comfort zone and we're trying to really design around the architecture of the house, unless we're changing the architecture."

"So, whether that can be more of like a Spanish European influence, kind of more of that Santa Barbara style or the California contemporary—we want each house to be a little bit unique," Hall continues.

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For those looking to take on their first DIY project at home, the design expert recommends starting with the room that's most important to you. She notes, "I feel like most people probably start in the kitchen because that's like the heart of the house."

And whether you're working with family like Hall, or doing it solo, Hall's "best advice" when it comes to DIY projects is to be careful with the budget.

She explains, "Prices have gone up a lot on lumber and labor and everything, so if you're doing it yourself that's one thing, but just the prices of everything including pull handles, everything's gone up, so I think just really making sure you budget before you start the project."

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