Christie Brinkley Can’t Believe She Showed Fans This Rare Side of Herself on IG

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Christie Brinkley Can’t Believe She Showed Fans This Rare Side of Herself on IG

With almost five decades in the modeling game, it's rare to see Christie Brinkley not showing off a stunning glam look. But fans are getting a uniquely bare side of her, thanks to a recent video she posted to her Instagram account earlier this month.

On August 6, the 68-year-old model sat down in her bathroom to give followers a glimpse at her skincare routine. Fresh out of the shower and appearing particularly glowy without a stitch of makeup, Christie opened up about her personal approach to what keeps her looking youthful.

"I don't know how they talked me into this," she joked on Instagram as she sat in a white towel while drying her blonde hair. "But here I am, without any of the magic."

With or without the help of a few cosmetics, the former Dancing With the Stars alum is the definition of radiance. What's more, she didn't hesitate to be honest about the ins and outs of her everyday life. Her fans agree too, because they reached out and commended the model for being genuine in the comments section of her video.

"I love your authenticity! 👏👏👏❤️😘," one fan shared with Christie on Instagram. "You are so beautiful!!! Love your sunny spirit and smile 🥰💗," another follower commented. "You are goals. Kind, poised, well-spoken, charming, beautiful! ❤️🙌," one more praised the former actress.

As Christie finished getting ready for her day, she ended the clip by revealing the two final steps for perfecting her natural yet glowy complexion. "Now, I’m ready to put on my sunblock and my foundation,” she continued. “Make it a great day!”

Despite not necessarily showing what sunscreen or makeup she prefers using in the clip, Christie previously shared a few of her beauty favorites. If you're looking for just some of her tried and true products (like the ones she showed off in the video), take a look below:

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