Christie Brinkley Documents 'Dinner Date' With Lookalike Daughter

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Christie Brinkley showed fans how she sneaks some family time into her long days in New York City.

The 69-year-old model took to Instagram to share a special moment with her 24-year-old daughter, Sailor Cook, as the mother-daughter duo enjoyed a nice dinner together in the Big Apple.

Brinkley captured a video of her and Sailor sitting in a dog park before they enjoyed some delicious grub. The clip starts with Brinkley catching her daughter off guard. "Is this a video?" she asked.

"We're at the dog park. We're having a dinner date," Brinkley said as she snuggled her head onto her daughter's shoulder. "I missed her," she admitted.

The model also shared two selfies of the two enjoying their dinner inside the restaurant, each enjoying what appeared to be a glass of wine.

"🍎+⛵️=❤️," Brinkley added to the caption to represent the big apple, a boat for Sailor, and a heart.

She continued: "PS Keep your eye on our stories for healthy nutrition tips that support good energy, healthy lifestyle and radiant skin!"

Many fans took to the comments to express their love for the duo, with one fan writing, "You two are pure sunshine! ☀️☀️," before another added, "Two cuties❤️."

"Oh my gosh you too are so beautiful," a third gushed.

For the last week or so, Brinkley and her daughter have been traveling around NYC and sharing their adventures with the model's Instagram followers. Most recently, she revealed that she was in the area for a "fun project" but didn't divulge any other information.

Only time will tell what the model has been working on, and we cannot wait to see!

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