Chrissy Teigen Takes 'Doggy Roll Call' and We're Loving It

What adorable pups she has!

Sometimes, when you have a lot of pets, it's necessary to check in on all of them every few days to ensure they're all healthy and accounted for. This is a task that we dream of needing one day, because that means we have so many fur babies that we can't keep track of them! One celebrity is living this dream and shared her check-in with fans online.

Chrissy Teigen is a model and television personality, and she recently shared an Instagram post on her account, @chrissyteigen, about her dogs. In the post, there are several photos and one video of her various dogs lounging around her house. She captions the post "doggy roll call" because she is taking attendance of her pups. Too cute! Check out all of her adorable dogs in the post below.

Oh my goodness, Chrissy's dogs are just precious! That pup in the first picture is striking a pose for the camera, but the rest are snoozing soundly. These dogs are living the dream!

People in the comments are loving this post. @steph_shep said, "This is the content I’m here for," and @pacbacwellness commented, "OMG! So much fur love in the house!" There's no shortage of pups to cuddle in this household!

Others agree that the dogs of this household are living their best lives. @falynntapanga commented, "One day, I hope to wake up as one of your dogs," and @anna_mariasmith said, "Definitely a dog’s life! Lucky pups!" All dogs deserve the level of relaxation and pampering that these dogs get!

We love this doggy roll call and want to see more people participate. Everyone should be posting roll calls with all of their pets each week, at a minimum!

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