Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Mocks NYFW in Series of Snapchats


Model Chrissy Teigen shares her humorous side with a series of funny Snapchat videos mocking New York Fashion Week. (Photo: Getty Images)

What do you get when you combine Chrissy Teigen, lampshades, and 7-Eleven? Hilarious coverage of NYFW.

Pretending to be a reporter, the model and mom shows followers the highs and lows of Fashion Week, mocking the event in a series of funny Snapchats.

Teigen begins her coverage by reminding watchers that NYC is the “hub of fashion” while wearing a daring and experimental headpiece: a lampshade.

“We’re here at the hottest parties,” she says in her next Snap, before taking viewers to 7-Eleven for BOGO.

Like any hard-working reporter, she later chases down Kendall Jenner (who is actually just a painting on a building) for an interview. The lucky lady then gets a front-row seat to … Manhattan’s streets. The model is seen sitting in a chair, which turns out to be just an abandoned piece of furniture in between piles of garbage on the curb. She follows that by claiming she didn’t get into the Balmain show. Of course, that would never happen in real life — she’s just on some private property with a sign that says “No admittance.” She then “finally” arrives at the tents — which are actually some shut-down NYC market.

She finishes the exclusive “behind the scenes” series sprawled out in a towel on her couch, promising to take viewers to Michael Kors, before she rolls off the couch and onto the floor.

Teigen is known for being blunt and not taking herself too seriously, but this is another level of hilarity.

Other humorous Snaps from Teigen’s Fashion Week experience include her clapping at a fashion show that is clearly over, as she’s the only person in the room.

Where is this silly side of Fashion Week? We want to go there! Can we be your plus-one, Chrissy?

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