Chrishell And G Flip's Body Language Proves Their Love Is Realer Than 'Selling Sunset'

chrishell stause and g flip
Chrishell Stause And G Flip’s Body LanguageGetty + Design Christine Giordano

Selling Sunset is back, and love is in the air!

In season six of the luxury realty reality series, fans get an exclusive peek into star Chrishell Stause and partner G Flip’s relationship. ICYDK, the Los Angeles realtor and Australian musician started dating after Chrishell broke up with Jason Oppenheim (who also has a new girlfriend, Marie-Lou) at the end of season five.

But it didn’t take long for the former soap opera actress and drummer to tie the knot. The pair exchanged vows in May 2023 after one year of dating, Women’s Health previously reported. However, despite holding a surprise wedding in Vegas, the couple still aren’t legally married under the court of law, per TMZ. Yet, the pair did have their wedding vows tattooed, further cementing their ‘ship, the Australian singer-songwriter exclusively revealed to People on May 22.

While their marriage isn’t legally binding (yet), that doesn’t mean their love for each other isn’t legit, right? Body language expert Alison Henderson surely thinks these two aren’t playing it up for the cameras and are genuinely head over heels for one another. And after hearing Chrishell say she feels like she finally got it right this time in terms of her relationship with G during the final episode of this season, I, too, am convinced they’re “The One.”

But just in case you need more proof they're the real deal, Henderson analyzed the couple’s gestures to uncover what Chrishell and G Flip’s body language reveals about their relationship—and semi-official marriage.

Chrishell and G are equals in this partnership.

In this image, Chrishell and G mirror each other to a T, says Henderson. Each has an arm relaxed at their side and one leg angled forward. Additionally, neither partner is slightly in front of the other or posing differently.

“They are standing as equals in every way, which suggests a true partnership and comfort with one another,” explains Henderson.

chrishell stause and g flip
Alberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

Chrishell's double-hand placement signifies how she shows up for G.

Here, again there’s a lot of mirroring. Their heads are tilted toward each other in the same way and their smiles are also very similar, Henderson points out.

Chrishell is also holding onto G, but it’s not a gripping, tight hold that reads as “you belong to me.” Instead, the double-hand contact appears to be loving and supportive, says Henderson. Through this gesture, Chrishell is letting G know, “I got you babe.”

chrishell stause and g flip
Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Even before this couple tied the knot, they were a unit.

Personal space? They’ve never heard of it. Chrishell and G-Flip definitely don’t mind sharing a room and seem to prefer being in close proximity to each other in photos, says Henderson. And probably in their daily life, too.

“There is no negative space or gaps between their bodies,” Henderson notes. “This creates a look of ‘We are one.’” They’re sewn together at the hip (I mean, super connected), and they couldn't be happier with that.

chrishell stause and g flip
Joe Scarnici - Getty Images

Their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces, reflecting a made-for-each-other bond.

Here, again Chrishell and G display full body contact. G’s arm is fully wrapped around Chrishell’s waist, and her hand sits there in an embrace-type hold, says Henderson.

Their Cheshire cat grins and the way their heads lean on each other signify that “this couple is consistent and confident in who they are as individuals and as a pair,” Henderson notes. “These two fit together like a puzzle.”

chrishell stause and g flip
Monica Schipper - Getty Images

Their intense eye contact signals a deep, genuine love.

“When this couple faces each other, their eye contact is intense,” says Henderson. “Their love and happiness shuts out everyone else.” From this Selling Sunset snap, you can just tell they’re madly, deeply in love with one another.

ICYWW, Chrishell and G’s love is capital “R” real. Despite what the online haters may say, they aren’t trying to sell any story by publicly displaying their love on reality TV. “They are truly happy, in love, and enjoying life,” adds Henderson. “And they aren’t afraid to let the world know.”

chrishell stause and g flip

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