Katherine Schwarzenegger 'cried' seeing dad in new 'Terminator,' shares epic Arnold photos

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Katherine Schwarzenegger is one proud daughter!

The author, 29, took to Instagram Friday to share epic throwback pictures of herself and robot dad Arnold Schwarzenegger in honor of his new film, "Terminator: Dark Fate."

In one photo, Schwarzenegger is in his full Terminator costume while holding baby Katherine during the franchise's earlier days. In another picture, young Katherine looks visibly unsettled by her father's unnatural cyborg assassin look.

"Went to opening night of Terminator last night and yes, I cried, but this time it was not out of fear that my dads face was going to stay bloody and metal (you can imagine me processing this at a young age)," Katherine wrote. "I cried this time because the movie is SO GOOD and I am SO proud of my dad!"

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Katherine, who strongly urged her followers to "make weekend plans to see it," went on a movie date with new husband Chris Pratt to watch the latest installment.

"Watched 'Terminator: Dark Fate' tonight. So surreal to look over at my wife as she watches her dad, @schwarzenegger reprise his role as the baddest robot on the planet, tears streaming down her face, hanging on the edge of her seat," Pratt captioned an Instagram photo of his wife and their movie tickets.

Pratt added: "Priceless. Way to go Arnold! The movie is fantastic! I’m calling you Carl now."

Katherine's brother Patrick took to the comment section to joke about the price of the movie listed on the ticket.

"$17.99 better be some lay flat beds with butter popcorn," he wrote.

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The admiration between Arnold and his new son-in-law, Pratt, isn't one-sided, either.

Speaking Monday night to Jimmy Kimmel, the action icon and former Governor of California, 72, gushed over Pratt.

"First of all, I'm really happy that he is such a great guy," Schwarzenegger said. "Not only a very talented guy and a great actor and a great star and all this stuff, but a really kind man and kind to my daughter, which is the most important thing for me."

Pratt, the goofy "Parks and Recreation" supporting actor-turned-"Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Jurassic World" franchises' leading man, won his future father-in-law over right away – so much so, that Arnold joked he felt intimidated by the actor's many accomplishments.

"I was blown away when my daughter was telling me that she was going out with him," he said. "I was just like, 'Do you have to be so competitive? I mean, do you have to have a guy that is taller than me, that is bigger than me, that is doing bigger movies than me ... makes more money than me and all this kind of stuff? What is going on here?' "

Pratt, 40, and Katherine, 29, tied the knot in June 2019. He popped the question in January, months after the pair had people guessing if they were an item when they were spotted together last June. The twosome were then spotted on a church date in August and visited a winery with Pratt's brother the following month.

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