Chris Harrison Is “Not Happy” He’s Been Replaced on ’The Bachelorette‘

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From Cosmopolitan

Just when you thought the upcoming season of The Bachelorette couldn’t get any more insane, Chris Harrison has been replaced as host. Temporarily! Basically, Chris left set to drop his son off at college, and yesterday, Us Weekly reported that JoJo Fletcher would be taking over for two weeks while he re-quarantined.

“The moment he got back, Chris was told he could not set foot back on the set until he went through another 14-day quarantine,” a source said. “The show’s contestants and crew all had to quarantine on the property for 14 days prior to the camera’s rolling. But it didn’t dawn on Chris he’d have to do it all over again if he simply left to take his kid to college.”

Buuuut here’s the thing: Chris Harrison is not thrilled. Another source tells Us Weekly, “Chris was not happy they were going to make him quarantine in Palm Springs for two weeks without working. He insisted he simply dropped his son off in his dorm room and left, social distancing the entire time.”

Apparently, the show is now discussing “different options” and will reconsider the situation after Chris gets tested for Covid-19. Meaning, he could be back on-set sooner than expected. Either way, JoJo will still be taking over for at least a few rose ceremonies: “They are still using JoJo to fill in,” the source says. “She had been self-quarantining at her home.”

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