The Chili’s Menu Items "The Office’s" Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey Order Every Time They Go

Yes, they actually love Chili's in real life.



Any fan of “The Office” knows just how important Chili’s was to the staff at Dunder-Mifflin. They hosted their office awards, The Dundies, there, Michael (Steve Carrell) starts dating Jan after a meeting there, and Pam (Jenna Fischer) famously gets banned from the restaurant after she drunkenly “[feels] God” in the Chili’s.

While Chili’s plays a huge role in the show, it’s also a big part of “The Office’s” Angela Kinsey, who played Angela, and Fischer’s real lives—which is why the pair and hosts of the “Office Ladies” podcast teamed up with Chili’s to help launch some new menu items this summer.

“I love Chili’s, and I have had Chili’s in my personal life [and] in my fictional life,” Fischer said in an interview with Allrecipes. “I used to go to Chili's with my parents growing up—it was one of our favorite family dinner spots.”

“I used to go to Chili's in college—that was our big go-to place to celebrate a birthday, or if someone had a big project they turned in, we went to Chili’s to celebrate—and I have such fond memories of those times,” Kinsey echoed. “And then years later, I found out my husband bartended at Chili’s!”

While Fischer and Kinsey embarked on this Chili’s partnership to help launch new margaritas and a few food items, we couldn’t help but wonder what they typically order whenever they’re at the restaurant chain. And we certainly weren’t disappointed to find out that their go-to order isn’t that different from ours—here’s what they get for the table:

Presidente Margarita

Kinsey’s favorite cocktail is the Presidente Margarita—a Chili’s fan-favorite. The marg consists of tequila, orange liqueur, and brandy, and while Kinsey didn’t specify if she gets a flavor, it’s available in classic, mango, strawberry, and a new watermelon.

It’s lucky that her husband “knows the whole menu [and] how to make all the margaritas” because she can have the Presidente anytime.



Sangrita ‘Rita

Fischer’s favorite cocktail is actually a new favorite because it’s part of the summer campaign: the Sangrita ‘Rita. This new marg is a classic frozen margarita with Chili’s own red wine Sangria swirled on top.

“I loved that—I usually like a margarita on the rocks, but this is frozen,” Fischer said.

“It’s really good,” Kinsey agreed.


Everyone knows that Chili’s Skillet Queso is a top-tier appetizer and a must-order every time you’re at the restaurant. However, not many people know about the White Skillet Queso, which is a Kinsey fan-favorite.

“I love queso,” she said. “So I love their skillet queso, and they also have a white Cheddar queso, so that one’s really good.”

Chili’s OG Skillet Queso is a yellow queso made with beef, while the White Skillet Queso is a white Cheddar queso—both are served with corn tostada chips and salsa.

A Side of Chips

Speaking of Chili’s corn tostada chips, Kinsey said these always get a spot of their own on the table, no matter what else she orders.

“I always, always, always have to get their chips. They’re the absolute best,” she explained. “I don’t even understand it. They’re the right amount of salty, but then they’re also kind of thin, but they’re crispy—and I can destroy a basket of Chili’s chips.”



Chicken Crispers

Coming in next is an order we can probably all agree on: Chicken Crispers.

“When I go with the kids, we have to get the Chicken Crispers,” Fischer said. “But they have the Chicken Crispers with Honey Chipotle, which is my favorite [sauce] on the ribs.”

And, the Chicken Crispers are getting an upgrade this summer because now you can order a Chicken Crispers Combo that comes with your choice of four, five, or six Crispers—either original or Honey-Chiptole—plus a side of french fries and the new White Cheddar Mac & Cheese.


Finally, when Fischer and Kinsey enjoy lunch at Chili’s together, they always get an order of Fajitas.

“Angela and I split the fajitas,” Fischer said.

“I love the fajitas; that’s always been my go-to,” Kinsey agreed.

They didn’t specify whether it was the steak, chicken, or shrimp fajitas, but can you really go wrong with any of those orders?



What's New at Chili's?

Besides the Sangrita ‘Rita and the Chicken Crispers Combo, Chili’s is introducing four additional food menu items and three additional margaritas this summer.

The new menu items include Buffalo Ranch Sauce; Sweet Chili Zing Sauce; a Double OldTimer with Cheese, which adds a second patty to the classic OldTimer with Cheese; and the Ultimate Cajun Pasta, which takes the Cajun Pasta up a notch by including both chicken and shrimp.

The Chili’s Philly will also be added to the dining room menu—as opposed to just the bar menu, which is where it used to be exclusively available.

The new margaritas will include a Casamigos ‘Rita, which is Chili’s first premium Casamigos cocktail made with Casamigos Reposado Tequila, Cointreau, and fresh sour; a Skinny ‘Rita, which is Chili’s first skinny margarita made with Teramana Blanco Tequila, fresh sour, and a splash of soda; and a Henny ‘Rita, made with Hennessy V.S. Cognac, Teramana Blanco Tequila, and fresh sour.

These new menu items are all available now and are sure to become fast favorites at your local restaurant—just ask Fischer and Kinsey.