Chili Gushers' are TikTok's latest food trend — but can you handle the heat?

A new “homemade” candy recipehas social media users deeply divided.The trend has been shared widelyon TikTok during the last few months.It involves making some serious changesto Gushers, the chewy, sugary snacks you mightremember from your school lunches.Called dulces enchilados, or “chili Gushers”these trendy snacks basically just involvedmaking the popular treats extremely spicy.In one particularly popular video,a user named stephandbrii teaches theirfollowers how to prepare the treat.In their version, the TikTokers coat Gushersin a mixture made of Tajín, Chamoy sauce,Lucas Chamoy, tamarindo bars (a spicy, saltyMexican candy) and lemon juice.Several commenters were immediatelyobsessed with the creation, praising the recipeor saying they’d already copied it at home.“My mouth watered while watching this,”one user wrote. “Ima tell my mom to take to meto the store just to make that,” another added.Other users said there’s noway they could handle the spice— nor would they want to.“How can y’all eat that,” one user asked. “My kidneysare gonna hurt after that one,” another joked

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