Chick-Fil-A's Fan-Favorite Mango Passion Sunjoy Is Back Again For 2024

Chick-fil-A drinks in tall tumblers
Chick-fil-A drinks in tall tumblers - Chick-fil-A

The entire world was challenged in 2020 for lots of reasons. But looking back on that historic time, at least when it comes to fast food offerings, one bright spot was Chick-fil-A's popular Mango Passion Sunjoy. The drink deliciously combined Chick-fil-A's signature lemonade, sweetened iced tea, mango, and passionfruit. Unfortunately, fans didn't have much time to enjoy the tasty drink since it was only sold for a limited period, adding to some of that 2020 disappointment. But thankfully, this isn't one of the discontinued Chick-fil-A items we aren't getting back. The Mango Passion Sunjoy will rise like a phoenix from its Chick-fil-A menu ashes, and it'll be joined by three exciting new flavors.

Chick-fil-A says in a press release that, on January 8, the Mango Passion Sunjoy will make a long-awaited return. Three new drinks will also make a debut: Mango Passion Lemonade, Mango Passion Iced Tea, and Mango Passion Frosted Lemonade. These beverages will only be available at participating restaurants across the nation while supplies last. So take a peek at the Chick-fil-A app or call the Chick-fil-A restaurants near you to see if they're on the menu. If they are available for dine-in, collection, or delivery where you are, you'll have lots of delicious flavors to enjoy with all four of these refreshing drinks. And Chick-fil-A has even suggested the perfect sandwich to complement any of these beverages.

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Have A Spicy Deluxe Sandwich With Any Of Chick-Fil-A's New Drinks

Chick-fil-A Spicy Deluxe Sandwich
Chick-fil-A Spicy Deluxe Sandwich - Chick-fil-A

When you sip the Mango Passion Lemonade, your thirst will be quenched with a rush of sweet mango, citrusy passionfruit, and the sweet and sour flavors of Chick-fil-A's classic lemonade. The Mango Passion Iced Tea is freshly brewed from a mix of tea leaves for guaranteed brightness, and it combines iced tea with mango and passion fruit for a harmoniously sweet, bitter, and fruity refreshment. You will get even sweeter bursts of flavor with the Mango Passion Frosted Lemonade, which blends Chick-fil-A's Icedream dessert with mango, passion fruit, and your choice of regular or diet lemonade.

No matter which drink you choose, you'll have tons of sweetness to enjoy. So why not give it a fiery balance with a spicy sandwich? Chick-fil-A says you should order the Spicy Deluxe Sandwich with any of these drinks for the perfect meal. The sandwich has a tender, boneless chicken breast peppered with delicious spices, and you can order it with one of three different cheeses, tomato, lettuce, pickles, and your choice of sweet white buns or the healthier multigrain buns. Just remember that all the liquid fun at Chick-fil-A starts on January 8.

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