'Chicago Fire' Actor Taylor Kinney Spotted in Rare Lunch Date Photo with Girlfriend

Fans were treated to a rare glimpse of Taylor Kinney in a new photo from his girlfriend, Ashley Cruger.

The Chicago Fire star keeps to himself most days, but in a new post on Cruger's Instagram account, uploaded earlier this week, the couple were spotted out at lunch with a couple of friends.

The group sat around a long wooden table on an outdoor patio, with Kinney and Cruger sitting opposite each other. The actor leaned in close to Johnny Louch, who sat on his side of the table—who held his adorable little pup Ruffles on his lap—wrapping his arm around his neck.

Meanwhile, Cruger and an unidentified friend on her side of the table leaned in to make it into the selfie-style group shot.

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Kinney has been missed from his popular series since he took a leave of absence mid-season 11 to deal with a private, personal matter, with his character, Lieutenant Kelly Severide, heading across the country to attend an arson investigation training program, later leaving the program after making a positive impression and working on an active investigation in an unknown location.

While his character's fate on the series was still up in the air during the season finale, his wife, Stella Kidd, was determined to find him and bring him home, suggesting Kinney may be ready to return next season, though he hasn't made any public statements about his role on the show recently.

Production of season 12 is currently on hold as a result of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, so we may have a while yet to find out what's ahead for Severide.

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