Chicago Bulls Reportedly Believe That Lonzo Ball Will Never Play Basketball Again

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The Chicago Bulls are reportedly considering all the options for injured point guard Lonzo Ball, including the idea that he might never play basketball again.

In a recent episode of the Organizations Win Championships podcast, co-host and The Score’s Dan Bernstein revealed that although the Bulls are taking on a "wait and see" approach and do not want to publicly announce anything yet, they are not shutting down other possibilities. “The other thing I heard is even though publicly there has been an expression of guarded optimism regarding a future for Lonzo Ball,” Bernstein said. “And there’s a reason why for you’re pursuant to all kinds of union issues, why they haven’t asked for the salary exemption yet because they don’t want to send the message publicly that they’re done with him. They don’t think it’s likely that he ever plays again.”

He added that the decision for Ball to undergo a third surgery — a cartilage transplant — in March signifies the organization's efforts to exhaust all their options before calling the end of Ball's NBA career. “That was our speculation when we heard about experimental cartilage replacement surgery,” Bernstein shared. “It is incredibly rare and is much more likely being done just for his quality of life off of the basketball court.”

The 25-year-old athlete's last game dates back to January 2022 and has been out for the entirety of the 2022-2023 season due to his knee that was diagnosed as a meniscus tear.

Stay tuned for more info.

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