Chic Dog-Friendly Hotel in London Even Comes With Pup-Approved Afternoon Tea

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There's no better place for pampered pooches to say.

If you're looking for a place to stay with your pup, you might want to check out a video by TikToker @peanut_and_pablo. The dog mama recently took a trip to the coolest dog-friendly hotel in London, England. Thankfully, she's sharing her hot tip in a now-viral video online. 

After watching the video, you might just find yourself looking up tickets to England online — STAT. Not only does the nhow London hotel have some of the coolest interiors that we've ever seen — your doggy BFF is totally welcome to stay. Check out how much Peanut and Pablo are enjoying their trip!  "Funky decor, comfy beds and afternoon tea for dogs," the TikToker wrote in the caption. Afternoon tea! Could anything be cuter? Take a look at the video below to get the full experience. 

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We could watch the Cavapoos living it up in their hotel room all day long. 

People in the comments section were equally as jealous. "I swear your dogs have the best life," @rupertbear_cavapoo wrote in the comments section. "Living their best life!" @yummerspets added. 

While another commenter wanted in on the fun. "ADOPT ME," @bear15796 begged. 

The dog mama also shared a second recommendation for a dog-friendly hotel on her page — the One Hundred Shoreditch. "This place is cool AF," she wrote in the caption.

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We'd have to agree. This place looks so cool! We'd totally stay here even without our pets. It just goes to show that traveling with your animals doesn't have to be a pain. Happy travels!