Chelsea Handler's Trainer Explains That 2-Minute On-Stage Hollow Hold

Chelsea Handler's Trainer Explains That 2-Minute On-Stage Hollow Hold

Chelsea Handler has been shocking audiences with near-the-knuckle jokes on her late night show and in her stand-up comedy routines for years now, but her most recent Netflix special had jaws dropping for a completely different reason. At one point during Chelsea Handler: Revolution, the comedian and TV host hops onto a stool and performs a hollow body hold that lasts more than two minutes, with seemingly zero effort, while continuing to casually perform her material.

And Handler's personal trainer would like to take partial credit. Ben Bruno, who regularly posts clips of himself and Handler making fun of each other during their sessions, just shared a video in which he clarifies the kind of core training that went into this on-stage moment.

"This is really impressive," he says, "and I feel vindicated because for the last 8+ years she's harassed me almost daily and told me to Google new ab exercises because I 'don't know how to do abs.' Because in her mind, core training is just ripping a bunch of crunches."

Bruno then goes on to explain that he always challenges Handler to focus not just her abs, but to also work her core strength and stability as a whole. He assigns exercises which ensure she won't neglect the obliques or fail to address the rotational function of the muscles, just as he does when working with pro athletes like Giancarlo Stanton, whose explosive swing relies on a strong core.

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"I hope Chelsea realizes after watching this that all the 'non-ab' ab training we've done has given her one hell of a strong core," says Bruno, adding. "My New Year's resolution for Chelsea is that she'll give me the benefit of the doubt a little more; I doubt it'll happen, but a guy can dream."

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