Chelsea Handler Celebrates 49th Birthday by Skiing in Bikini While Smoking Weed and Carrying Her Dogs

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Chelsea Handler has invited millions of eyes over the years to watch her do everything from telling jokes on stage to consuming ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon. On Feb. 25, the comedian celebrated her 49th birthday on the ski slopes, joining many other Americans who are taking advantage of the winter weather and fresh snowfall. But rather than don thick jackets and other cold-weather gear, Handler took to the mountain in just the basics: a bikini.

Handler gave an inside look at her birthday celebrations in an Instagram post. She revealed in 2023 she celebrates her birthday in Canada every year in Whistler, and Handler returned to mark the occasion this year.

As she skis down the mountain in a blue bikini, Handler holds a glass in one hand and a joint in the other, switching off between taking sips and hits while flying downhill. She wasn't alone, however; her dog was strapped to her back in a special pooch backpack. Later, she trades out the vices for her other dog, a Chow Chow named Doug, whom she carries in her arms while Bernice rode on her back. "Multi-tasking on my 49th!" the comedian captioned the post.

Handler certainly had some good fun to mark her big day, and having grown up in New Jersey, cold weather isn't exactly foreign to her. While dogs are welcome to explore the Whistler village, they aren't allowed off-leash on the mountain. Plus, some dogs just aren't meant to spend extended periods in cold weather. So if you want to celebrate your birthday just like Handler, it's best to leave Fido at home.