Chef Roy Choi brings together the nation's best pizzerias for Mickey & Friends(giving)

Chef Roy Choi is teaming up with Disney and some of the best pizzerias in the country for Mickey & Friends(giving) on November 21st.

Video Transcript


ROY CHOI: I can't wait till people hear about this, because I know they're going to lose their mind.

Like a cartoon where their head pops off of their head.

Pizza and Mickey Mouse together.


We're going through all together in this pandemic. The thing we miss the most sometimes is our friends.

I'm very lucky to have friends that are also the best pizza makers in America. So it's like all right, how could I share this idea of a friendsgiving, get friends together.

The Mickey and Friends Friendsgiving is on November 21. We're taking some of the best pizzerias in America, pairing them with Mickey and his friends, taking the characteristics of Mickey's friends and Mickey himself and turning them into pizzas.

And then each pizza spot is going to serve about 200 pizzas. I'm a huge Disney fan. When you don't see me in a professional environment, I'm usually at an amusement park. When we contacted all the friends, I realized that they love Disney, too. I could kind of like pair up Disney, Mickey and friends character with a pizza chef.

So when I thought about all those things, it was like this is a good first step for me. So here in Los Angeles, we're starting with Jon And Vinny's. And they're going to be doing Mickey's pie. They ended up doing a hot dog pie, because of when Mickey says hot diggity dog.

We're going to Brooklyn, and we're going to go visit Roberta's, and our friend Carlo. Because he's such a bitter guy, we gave him Donald and Daisy. And he's adding a bunch of like bitter greens, and things like that to it.

Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia, the pizza there is non-traditional. And because it's such a nontraditional approach, we gave him Goofy. It's a sandwich pie. It's a sandwich on top of a pizza pie.

Pizzeria Bianco. Chris Bianco is the man. He's got your back everywhere you go. So he's making the Pluto pie. It's in the meat lovers pie.

When we were filming "Chef," the movie, one of the last scenes was filmed right in front of Home Slice. Jon Favreau's character, Carl Casper, and MJ's character, they're sitting on top of the food truck.

And then right behind them is Home Slice. They're doing Minnie, and so they're making a polka dot pie with a big ol' ribbon. I think it's going to be awesome.

With the state of restaurants right now, we have to figure out all different ways to find new traffic, and new interest, and new interaction. And it's not just the revenue, and the money, it's about spirit and energy.

Just being able to interact with people, being able to do something creative, and have a reason to smile. I think this year having a friendsgiving, or being able to share pizza even virtually, it gives us something fun to all be a part of.