Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's daughters make this simple breakfast look 'fancy'

Take the Yahoo Life post-Thanksgiving 5 Day Reset Your Breakfast Challenge to kick start your week. Follow along with us as we feature celebrity chefs who show us how to make a different breakfast every day this week.

“We love breakfast,” Chef Geoffrey Zakarian tells Yahoo Life. “It’s the most important meal of the day,” so he and his daughters chose a recipe from their book’s robust breakfast section. “We always have a huge breakfast,” says Anna, and Madeline calls this dish her favorite.

Video Transcript

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Hi, my name is Geoffrey Zakarian. I'm here at home with my daughters Madeline and Anna. And we're talking about breakfast, but more importantly, breakfast from the book that they just came out with, "The Family That Cooks Together."

We love breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. So that's why we're going to challenge you to reset your breakfast.


- This is an egg olive tapenade tartine. So dad, would you like to start us off with an egg?

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Yes. So we have hard boiled eggs here that we've already done. But I'm going to show you a little secret so you don't get that nasty, green ring inside. You just put them on a large spoon, put them in the boiling water just like this, return them to the stove at a simmer-- a boil, but not a large boil-- for exactly 12 minutes. Not 13, not 11, 12. When they come out, you put them in cold water and they'll be just perfect. And they'll peel very easily.

- So for the tapenade we're making, I'm going to add anchovies--


- --capers, olives.


- No pits. Olive oil, and some minced garlic.

- Now, look at that.


So I have some little tartines here.

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: What kind of toast is that?

- An English muffin.

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Oh, I love English muffins.

- Yum.

- OK, so then after you spread on your tapenade, I am going to take some arugula Dad, is this baby arugula?

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: That's baby arugula.

- Knew it. And then I am going to add about like two to three slices per-- yum. I'm just going to add some salt and I'm just going to add some pepper. And I have-- I love adding lemon to a lot of stuff. And you're just going to drizzle some olive oil. And I think that is our egg and olive tapenade tartine. Do you want to taste some?

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Oh man, looks delicious.

- Here put some on--




- Mm, so good.

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: That's actually good any time of day. It's a great snack too, right?

- Have a good breakfast.

GEOFFREY ZAKARIAN: Cheers to breakfast.