Check out this sound to see ‘adorable’ pets on TikTok

One of the most beloved aspects of the Internet is the ability to see cute animals at a moment’s notice. This new TikTok sound makes seeing people’s furry friends extremely easy, as owners show off their pets with it.

Walter the cat — really its owner — (@walter.the.catt) posted the original video under this sound in late January. The video has over 1 million views and nearly 250,000 likes.

“How am I supposed to get anything done when I have this thing in my house,” the owner asked while pointing the camera directly at Walter. “All I wanna do is look at you and kiss your face. Okay?”

Walter’s owner clearly loves him, and so did everyone in the comments.

“Do it. kiss his face for all of us,” said @abagailblackwell3.

After Walter the cat got a lot of admiration online, other pet owners began to do the same thing. There are over 3,000 videos under this sound, with numerous cute pets to scroll through.

“I’ve rewatched this so many times…what a gorgeous reason to not get anything done. those toe beans,” said @twistymcslider.

Kate McCue (@captainkatemccue) showed off her Elf Sphinx cat, Bug (@bugnaked), who is turning into a star with over 30,000 followers.

“Awwwww listen to that purrrrr!!!! I wouldn’t get anything done either!” said @bcparkgrl.

From cats and dogs to even a bird, owners are proudly showing off their pets — and it would be hard to find someone complaining about it.

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