Check Your Receipt! Walmart Customers Are Noticing That They’re Being ‘Overcharged’ At The Register

walmart storefront
walmart storefront

Groceries are expensive enough as it is right now. With inflation driving prices through the roof, self-checkout scams, and surcharges for delivery orders being added to the mix, the last thing you need when you ring up your items at the register is to see an even higher number than the one you calculated in your head. As it turns out, that’s exactly what keeps happening to Walmart shoppers—and they’re speaking out about the alleged overcharging across the internet.

Yup—people have reason to believe that these stores are charging anywhere from few cents to a few dollars more for each item at the register and even charging for mysterious items, adding a significant amount to their grocery totals. Learn more below.

Walmart overcharging

As noted in the above TikTok, specific Walmart stores have been fined and sued multiple times for charging more than the price items are marked as. One shopper, Mary Bach, won $180 in court over an overcharge of just two cents.

Bach referred to the store’s method of overcharging as “electronic bait and switch.” Other shoppers have experienced similar situations. Some have even reported “price-gouging” and “double-charging,” which you can read about here.

Walmart scanning extra items

In addition to overcharging, some have reported being charged for entire items they didn’t mean to buy.

“I want to give all the lovely people that love shopping at Walmart a warning,” TikTok user @charmainguidinglight, a.k.a. Charmaine, started one video. She shared a story of a time in which she noticed a mysterious charge for “footwear” on her receipt. Luckily, the cashier removed the charge—but only after what seemed to be a large hassle and extensive search to ensure Charmaine did not, in fact, purchase any footwear.

Charmaine begged the question: “What the heck is going on?! You need to watch what they’re scanning at Walmart everywhere,” she urged viewers.

In order to avoid this issue, our best option is always to double-check (and even triple-check) your receipt before leaving the store.

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