Chase Stokes And Kelsea Ballerini's New Relationship Has Staying Power, Says Astrology

Sorry to shatter the hearts of Outer Banks fans everywhere, but John B., uh, I mean, Chase Stokes is officially off the market!

After he was spotted sharing a smooch with country pop singer Kelsea Ballerini at the New York Rangers game in New York City on Thursday, March 2, the actor exclusively confirmed on Today Friday morning that he and the SUBJECT TO CHANGE singer are officially going steady.

ICYMI: The mystery-solving heartthrob has been linked to the CMA award-winning singer-songwriter since January 2023 when the couple were first spotted getting very cozy at the 2023 College Playoff National Championship Game in Los Angeles, per a previous Women’s Health report. The pair seemingly started dating just two months after the “This Feeling” crooner finally reached a settlement in her divorce from Australian singer-songwriter Morgan Evans, per Us Weekly. (Uh, onto the next.)

To bolster even more speculation around the status of their ‘ship, that same month, the Tell Me Your Secrets actor soft-launched Kelsea in an Instagram carousel of photos. (He even tagged her, ICYDK who the lucky lady was.)

And if multiple flirty comments on each other’s posts as well as a TikTok reaction video posted by Kelsea addressing (well, more like, not addressing) the dating rumors weren’t enough proof that these two were probably an item, then both of these stars (kind of) confirming their relationship earlier this year definitely was. In a video posted by TMZ in January, Chase responded to a comment from the videographer about what drew him to Kelsea by sharing, “She’s a sweet girl. We’re having a good time, and that’s all I’ll say.”

More recently, in February 2023, Kelsea opened up about her dating life on the Call Her Daddy podcast. In the episode, she revealed to host Alex Cooper that she is, in fact, not single and is seeing the Outer Banks actor. “I’m just vibing,” she shared. “Everything is new to me, dating, being photographed with someone. I’m tiptoeing. I’m happy. I’m really relearning a lot about myself and how I show up in a relationship.” Like all great love stories these days, the pair started dating after Kelsea slid into Chase’s DMs after her manager (and, uh, matchmaker) suggested she shoot her shot. As for what was her opening line? “His handle is ‘@hichasestokes,’ and I said, ‘Hi, Chase Stokes,’” Kelsea revealed. (Simple, but effective.)

And, whelp, now there's no denying that something real is happening between these lovebirds. “Chase and Kelsea have a sweet connection that shows a genuine respect for one another and a relationship rooted in kindness,” says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang. But wait, there’s more! Lang analyzed both Chase and Kelsea’s birth charts to determine their astrological compatibility, and let’s just say... they have long-term potential.

For Chase and Kelsea, it’s the little things that count, thanks to their Sun signs.

Both Chase and Kelsea have their Sun signs in mutable earth sign Virgo. “People who have a Virgo Sun are service-oriented,” Lang explains. They do things for others that can sometimes go unnoticed, but that’s okay since they don’t look for recognition for their kind acts. As a result, Virgo’s top love languages are often gift giving and acts of services, says Lang. It wouldn’t be a surprise then if Chase and Kelsea do little things for each other to make their partner’s life easier—like running errands for one another or leaving tiny love notes around the house for the other person to discover.

Watch to learn more about the five love languages:

Because Chase’s Virgo Sun is conjunct Kelsea’s Sun, they have a dynamic compatibility, explains Lang. And when it comes to communication and encouraging their partner’s wildest dreams, these two just get each other, thanks to Chase’s Jupiter (the planet of growth and expansion) and Mercury (the planet of communication) conjunct Kelsea’s Sun, she adds.

But alas, same sign pairings aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. With a Virgo pair, there might be a tendency to overanalyze challenges within the relationship, says Lang. So these two will have to remember not to let small worries and arguments get in the way of romance.

But... Saturn brings challenges around commitment.

The biggest setback for this pair is related to Saturn, the planet of moral obligations and responsibilities, explains Lang. “They both have Saturn in Aquarius and Saturn retrograde,” she notes. Translation: “This can be an indicator of having either extreme abandonment or commitment fears.”

For their relationship to last in the long run, Chase and Kelsea will want to make sure not to inadvertently push each other away or overthink communication snafus, says Lang. It’s likely they’re both learning to be confident in their ability to love, despite their childhood difficulties or past traumas, she adds. That journey will require a lot of patience and care from both partners…and may even involve a few arguments.

While these two tend to avoid getting into lovers’ quarrels, thanks to Chase’s Mars (the planet of action and desire) in sensitive Cancer and Kelsea’s Mars in peace-loving Libra, they’ll need to learn to not let anger bottle up, and express it when appropriate, says Lang. “[Because] sometimes, fighting is necessary for growth.” (So true.)

Nevertheless, their relationship is sure to last due to the Moon and Saturn’s influence.

Sometimes, you're just in the right place at the right time—and that's exactly what happened for Chase and Kelsea. Need proof? This pair met at the perfect time to form a connection, according to Lang. Let her explain: “They’re both coming out of a transit known as Saturn return, which happens right before [a person’s] 30th birthday.” In layman’s terms, your Saturn return is essentially your “astrological adulting transit,” Lang says, and Chase, 30, and Kelsea, 29, are right on the precipice of theirs.

Due to this transit of reaching “peak adulthood,” Chase and Kelsea are starting to get more serious about certain life aspects—relationships, work, and family. As a result, Lang is convinced this relationship will last.

It also helps that both of them are family-oriented, naturally. Kelsea’s Moon (the luminary related to home and family) in Cancer is in a very favorable aspect with Chase’s Sun, “showing similarities in their values and priorities,” says Lang. “They likely already talk about what it would be like to have a family, and there’s a lot in their charts that show this is a strong possibility,” Lang adds. What are these aspects in their charts, exactly? Well, Chase’s Jupiter in Virgo is in a favorable sextile position with Kelsea’s Moon, which “is an indicator of a strong family life,” says Lang, adding that, ahem, they could have babies in the future.

Perhaps a pregnancy announcement is in the (eventual) cards? Only time will tell.

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