Who is Charli D’Amelio dating right now? What happened with Lil Huddy?

Charli D’Amelio has a new boyfriend. But that doesn’t mean the drama with her ex, Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson, is over just yet.

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After recently being dethroned as the most-followed person on TikTok, D’Amelio has found herself catching strays from Lil Huddy once again. The 18-year-old influencer at least has a new beau to support her through the drama.

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Who is Charli D’Amelio dating in 2022?

D’Amelio is currently dating 18-year-old musician Landon Barker, the son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. According to People, the pair began dating in June 2022, and their relationship is in the “early stages.”

Fans began to speculate the couple was an item after they were spotted arriving at and leaving Landon’s concert together. The TikTok Room Instagram account also captured separate Stories from D’Amelio and Landon, where they each shared new tattoos by the same artist @ar.bel.

Why did Charlie D’Amelio and Lil Huddy break up?

D’Amelio and Hudson began dating in early 2020. They were on-again-off-again before finally splitting in July. Hudson allegedly cheated on D’Amelio with Sway House member Nessa Barrett, influencer Josh Richards’ ex-girlfriend.

After a Twitter meltdown where Hudson confessed to kissing Barrett and claimed Jaden Hossler tried to make a move on D’Amelio, the two appeared to be on good terms by October 2020.

Did Lil Huddy reference Charli D’Amelio in the song “All the Things I Hate About You”?

Then Hudson debuted a pop-punk song on July 27, 2022, with lyrics that some believed could be about D’Amelio.

“Stab me in the back like nothing / Never even saw this coming,” Hudson sang. “I watched you making it public, lights camera, f*** it / You’re a showstopper / A bad liar, homie hopper, drama starter.”

Whether or not the song has anything to do with D’Amelio remains to be confirmed by Hudson.

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