Channing Tatum Shares Rare Photos of His Daughter Everly: "Magic In a Moment"

channing tatum
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Channing Tatum doesn't share a ton of pictures of his daughter Everly on social media, but made an exception this week by posting a series of ultra sweet Polaroid photos of her to Instagram—which he captioned in the most dad way ever: "God i love Polaroid. @polaroid magic in a moment. Never the same. "

Truer words, Chan.

Channing co-parents Everly with his ex Jenna Dewan, and shared his first photo of her on Instagram back in 2021, captioning it “You my littles are everything! You are my world and my heart. You were looking at the full moon in this pic and telling me the prophecy of the full moon mermaid and then we ran into the water and looked for her and played with glow sticks in the night water calling out to the mermaids. You said you touched a bald headed mermaid and saw a tail. Haha one day you will read this and I hope laugh. We have fun hehehe.”

Seems like a good time to remind everyone that Channing wrote a children's book series called Sparkella that was inspired by his daughter if you're looking for a Christmas present for your new nice/nephew!

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Side note if you want to hear a cute story: Channing was recently asked about his favorite Father's Day memory while promoting Sparkella, and told EW, "Evie and I have a tradition that every Father's Day or on my birthday — she gets to pick which one, it's usually Father's Day — I get a pair of shoes that are painted, a pair of either Converse or Vans. It was Vans this year and she's getting really good now. So I have one for every single year that she's been alive. Even her year one, one shoe has a bunch of dots and paint on it, and then the other shoe barely has any because she got bored halfway through and she was just like, eh, I don't wanna do this anymore. So it's a really interesting progression of shoes that I have, and it's a really cool collection."

My heart!

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