Chanel’s New Mascara Has the First-Ever 3D-Printed Wand

Ever since the concept of 3D printing became widely known, beauty buffs have been eagerly awaiting the ways it might impact makeup. And despite big breakthroughs — scientists have managed to 3D-print human skin, for example — there have been very few applications of the technology in mainstream cosmetics. Sure, Smashbox did a limited-edition run of 3D-printed lipstick a few years ago, but that was just for the sake of printing it in fun shapes. Using 3D-printing in order to truly improve upon a product has yet to be seen — until now.

Chanel just launched Le Révolution Volume de Chanel Mascara, made with waxes, polymers, and vitamins that promise to coat lashes in long-lasting, intense thickness and nourishment. But while the formula is impressive, it's the wand with which it's applied that's truly remarkable. Patented in 2007 and finally ready for production, the brush is made by French 3D-printing company Erpro, and it's the first mass-marketed 3D-printed mascara wand. "The honeycomb structure of the brush loads it with just the right amount of formula. Printed in a unique material, the brush completely releases the mascara with a first sweep of the lashes. In a single stroke, eyelashes reveal immediate, extreme volume without clumping," Chanel's website states.

So, what makes a 3D-printed mascara wand potentially superior to what's already on the market? It's all in the tiny details. British Vogue reports that the bristles, separated by millimeters, have a uniquely granular texture that helps with adherence, while micro-cavities at the core of the wand help prevent wasting product. Chanel reportedly printed over 100 different designs before deciding that the one launched late last week is perfect.

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Unfortunately, and despite American actor Kristen Stewart being the face of the Le Révolution Volume, the new mascara is only available in the U.K. at this point. The price is listed as £28, but even if you're will to spend the approximately $38 that translates to plus international shipping costs, Chanel's U.K. site doesn't ship outside the country. Our fingers are crossed that it will cross the pond soon, but in the meantime, you may want to nag any British friends you may have to snag one for you.

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