Chanel Just Launched a First-of-its-kind Beauty Atelier in NYC — And It’s Every Makeup Lover’s Dream

Chances are, if you’re a beauty addict, you’ve already discovered your ride-or-die Chanel product, whether it’s the iconic No. 5 perfume, the Pirate lipstick (widely held to be the perfect red), or the Rouge Noir nail polish (a blood-red shade so popular it even has its own Wikipedia page).

At Atelier Beauté Chanel, a first-of-its-kind space in the heart of SoHo in Manhattan, beauty lovers are invited to discover their Chanel beauty obsession, while getting expert advice and product recommendations, and exploring the immersive concept.

Upon arriving at the sleek, mirrored space, visitors place their personal belongings in a locker — each named after an icon of the legendary house. Without shopping parcels to carry or heavy purses to schlepp around, customers can enjoy a hands-free shopping experience that borders on a spa level of luxuriousness.

The atelier is divided into several departments, the first of which is Cleanse, a station with marble sinks and fluffy towels. Here, customers can wash their hands and try out a variety of different cleansers and toners. From there, experiment with everything from mascaras and highlighters to eye shadows and brow enhancers as you move throughout the clean-lined, Instagram-worthy space.

The Lip Colour bar offers a kaleidoscopic range of lipsticks and lip-glosses — all beautifully (and hygienically) presented in sampler pots containing a pinky’s-worth of product. Meanwhile, the Atelier Parfume is a brilliantly-designed, spritz-free counter where visitors blindly sniff porcelain wands dipped in fragrances (as opposed to spritzing the scents into the air, causing olfactory overstimulation).

It all feels like a playhouse of fun and discovery, though if you require special guide or instruction, there are plenty of experts on hand to recommend products and provide samples. For customers wanting a little more attention, consider booking a one-on-one makeup lesson ($70 to $95) or application ($75 to $100) with the atelier’s Artist-in-Residence.