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IF YOU live in an area prone to power outages, it’s time you bought a portable generator. These devices can power medical devices and keep your lights on in an emergency. They’re also great when the situation isn’t dire, like for backyard barbecues and at construction sites. Whatever you need one for, you can save 56 percent on the Champion 4250-Watt Portable Generator at Amazon.

There are a few different types of portable generators, including standard and inverter. This Champion is the latter, taking AC (alternating current) power, converting it to DC (direct current), then back to AC again. This results in a stable power output for sensitive devices, allowing you to safely plug in your smartphone, laptop, or television. (The power spikes from traditional generators can fry these gadgets.) It also means the generator is more efficient, suiting its output to the demand, not running at one speed as long as it’s on.

However, inverter generators tend to be less powerful but more expensive than their traditional counterparts. This discount addresses the cost side of that, bringing the price more in line with some standard generators.

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4250-Watt Inverter Generator


The 4250-Watt Portable Generator runs on gas and can hold 2.3 gallons of it at a time, which Champion says will get you up to 22 hours of runtime. There are two 120-volt, 20-amp AC outlets and two 2.1-amp USB-A ports. It also boasts a 120-volt, 30-amp RV outlet, which you can use to power appliances and equipment in your home on wheels, including air conditioners, heaters, and microwaves.

Champion’s portable generator weighs 75 pounds, which is relatively lightweight in the world of portable generators. It offers 3,500 running watts, a low oil shut-off sensor, and an Economy Mode to monitor power consumption to reduce electrical load. The portable generator also supports an optional Parallel Kit, allowing you to connect up to two 2,800-watt or higher inverters.

While portable generators are essential for emergency backup power, be aware that they pose several safety risks if not used properly. The most significant risk is carbon monoxide poising, so you shouldn’t use a portable generator indoors.

“For this reason, generators should be run outside, at least 20 feet from the house, away from windows and doors, with the exhaust blowing away from the house,” writes Bradley Ford in our guide to the best portable generators. Champion ranked twice among them.

You can get the Champion 4250-Watt Portable Generator at a great discount of 56 percent. However, if you’re not interested in dealing with a portable generator’s maintenance and safety concerns, consider a portable power station. These devices function similarly but run on rechargeable batteries that you can charge vi a wall outlet or solar panel.

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