Champagne Cocktail


All photos: James Ransom, Food52

Tax day cometh.

Are you getting a refund? Go, you! Buy some Champagne, then style it up: Do a Champagne cocktail. It’s easy as sin: one sugar cube soaked with a few dashes of bitters, bubbly, and a twist of lemon to balance all that sweet.

Are you not getting a refund? NO PROBLEM.


You still deserve something bright and sparkly, because you are amazing.

Turn over the couch. Shake out all your pants. Gather the quarters, the pennies, the nickels, and get out there and buy some cheaper sparkling wine: cava, crémant, Prosecco and California sparklers are some of our favorites. Then do the same thing: sugarcube, bitters, bubbles, twist, boom.

It doesn’t need to be January 1st to drink fizzy things. It only needs to be Friday. Or Tax Day. Or, OK, any day, really.

Champagne Cocktail
From Everyday Food
Makes one

1 sugar cube
3-5 dashes Angostura bitters
6 ounces champagne or sparkling wine
lemon twist (for garnish)

1. Sprinkle sugar cube with a few good splashes of Angostura bitters and place at the bottom of a champagne flute.

2. Fill glass with champagne; garnish with lemon twist.