This chain turned Christmas dinner into pizza

Boston Pizza in Canada (which is called Boston’s Pizza in the U.S.) is serving a new Christmas pie with all the fixings: seasoned rotisserie turkey, house-made stuffing, rosemary sage cream sauce and Italian cheeses topped with cranberry sauce and warm turkey gravy, which sounds more like a Thanksgiving pizza. This is totally irrelevant to Canadians, who celebrated Turkey Day in October.

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While supplies last, our neighbors to the north will also receive one free Toblerone with each individual or small Christmas pizza, and two free Toblerones with each medium or large pizza because no holiday meal is complete without dessert. You do have to be in Canada to take advantage of the deal because, currently, the special pie is not available at locations in the U.S.

Other limited-time-only eats of the season at locations in Canada include cranberry BBQ ribs, smoked gouda and poblano pepper ravioli, bourbon BBQ chicken pizza, chocolate almond lava cake and Christmas poutine with seasoned French fries tossed in mozzarella topped with rotisserie turkey, stuffing, turkey gravy and cranberry sauce (this is also served with a Toblerone).

As for the rest of us in ‘Merica, we’ll have to make do with takeout from one of the nation’s favorite pizza chains and something sweet like the most iconic pie from your state.