This Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Revealed The Cost Of Being A Plastic Surgeon, And I'm Sweating

By now, you've probably heard of Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue in New York City. He's a double board-certified plastic surgeon whose specialty is aesthetic and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Shafer, who's in his scrubs, smiles as he sits by a window and holds a small dog
@shaferclinic / Via Instagram: @shaferclinic

He treats some of the biggest celebrities and the NYC elite (and normies like us too).

But did you ever wonder how much it costs to run a plastic surgery center like Shafer Clinic in NYC? Well, Dr. Shafer recently did "The Cost of Being a Plastic Surgeon" trend on Instagram Reels/TikTok and revealed some of the hefty price tags associated with the profession.

Dr. Shafer said there are seven floors and three operating rooms at his practice. "Each of these [operating suites] takes about $1.5 million to put in, including all the medical equipment, surgical equipment, and all the safety equipment we have for our patients," he said.

  @shaferclinic / Via
@shaferclinic / Via

"Part of an accredited operating room is having safety equipment, including the monitors, suction, devices to help prevent blood clots. All of this adds up," he said. "Recovery room adds about $500,000 out of the cost of incorporating a new operating room into your office."

Dr. Shafer standing in a recovery room
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Me in my head calculating that three operating rooms times $1.5 million each equals $4.5 million:


And have you ever wondered how much some of those aesthetics devices you see in your doctor's office cost? You know, like the lasers, microneedling devices, etc. Well, they're expensive AF.

A person lying on a gurney having a laser administered to their leg just below the knee
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"We have over 40 devices here to help people rejuvenate their skin and treat scars after surgery," Dr. Shafer shared. "Each of these devices costs between $100,000 and $200,000."

  @shaferclinic / Via
@shaferclinic / Via

OK, so according to my calculations, that means just the devices cost $4 million on the low end and $8 million on the high end. Holy shit.


And one thing I've noticed about NYC-based offices is that they have to create a vibe. And at Dr. Shafer's office, he uses gems — like, real-ass gems — to do so. "We have over $2 million in museum-quality gems curated from Astro Gallery in New York City," he said.

A closeup of Green Fluorite in a glass case in Dr. Shafer's office
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I wish I had $2 million worth of precious gems...


Dr. Shafer then shared how the schooling is super expensive, too. "These are some of the most valuable things in my office — my diplomas of all my education along the way. Becoming a plastic surgeon isn't easy. It starts from college, then medical school, then residency, then fellowship. Along the way is hundreds of thousands of dollars, thousands and thousands of hours, and a lot of blood and sweat and dedication to get to where you are."

  @shaferclinic / Via
@shaferclinic / Via

Dr. Shafer's video didn't mention the cost of renting (and the electric, OMG) seven floors on Fifth Ave in NYC, but I can assume that's a pretty hefty price tag. One website estimated $90 per square foot. Shafer Clinic is about 30,000 square feet, so I'd guess it's close to $2.7 million in rent.

IDK about y'all, but I love when people are transparent and honest about pricing — with both small and large price tags. Thank you for sharing with us, Dr. Shafer!

You can follow Dr. Shafer on Instagram here and book an appointment with him here, if you're interested.