Celebrity Makeup Artist Creates Empowering Lipstick Line


Dutch model Saskia de Brauw wearing GlossiGirl lipstick in Poison Apple. (Photo: Instagram)

Top makeup artists are constantly surrounded by beautiful Amazonian models and teeny-tiny celebrities—especially if they’re based in Los Angeles, like Stephen Dimmick. The 46-year-old Aussie has worked with Anna Kendrick, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette, and the Kardashians. He’s also got plenty of high-fashion accolades: his work has appeared in Italian, Japanese, and Australian Vogue, and he’s done makeup for Valentino Couture and Dior Couture. But instead of creating a makeup brand for his fellow fashion and Hollywood peacocks, Dimmick’s new lipstick line, GlossiGirl, which just launched this week, is inspired by the women who follow him on Instagram—the women who might live in so-called flyover country. They’re active on social media, and they want something bolder from their makeup selections.


It’s not all bright and bold colors: GlossiGirl lipstick also comes in a nude called Push Over. (Photo: Instagram)

The six-piece collection comes in Kick’n Ass (vivid fuchsia), Max’d Out (vampy Merlot), Pinky! (glowing pale pink), Poison Apple (wickedly bold red), Sassy (unapologetically bright coral), and Push Over (a flattering nude). The idea is that you don’t have to always wear crazy colors and you don’t have to be a “safe” girl, either. Poison Apple has a matte satin finish, while the rest of the shades are cream based. Each lipstick is $19 each—an affordable splurge between drugstore and luxury for most people.


Actress Zoey Deutch wearing GlossiGirl Poison Apple. (Photo: Instagram)

“I’m a liberal lefty, but I’m attracting these right-way Christian woman, and I’m kind of like their naughty gay friend,” Dimmick tells Yahoo Beauty. “They’d message me and be like, ‘I had a f*cking hard day. Please don’t tell anyone.’ They’ve got their businesses. They love the idea of maintaining that sassy girl that they once were.” Dimmick says his line was also heavily influenced by his mother. “She suffered many of my hair and skin experiments. My mom had a sad existence and she never had a way out. I always wanted to make her feel pretty and lift her up.”


GlossiGirl’s Kick’n Ass shade, made especially for celebrity makeup artist Stephen Dimmick’s friend Marie, who had breast cancer. (Photo: GlossiGirl)

The bright Kick’n Ass color was made for Dimmick’s friend, Marie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer while he was mixing the colors for his line. “The day she went to shave her head was the day I took her lipstick to her,” he says. “Her four-year-old daughter also puts on Kick’n Ass. One time, she came up to me and she crawled up on my lap and said, ‘I want to thank you for making my mom look so pretty. And that’s all I want—for my mom, Marie, and the women who follow me on Instagram to feel good.”


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