Celebrities Head to the NYC Marathon for Fun and Charity

Many famous faces raced in the major marathon earlier today.

The annual New York City Marathon, which saw more than 50,000 runners begin in Staten Island and run 26.2 miles to the Central Park finish line, took place on Sunday, Nov. 6.

Many celebrities and public figures come out each year to run alongside the other runners, often raising money for a charity or cause that's important to them, and this year was no different.

A few familiar faces who ran on Sunday were actors Ashton Kutcher, Ellie Kemper, Claire Holt, Lauren Ridloff, and Olympians like American hockey player Meghan Duggan, Norwegian cross-country skier Marit Bjørgen, and Puerto Rican tennis player Monica Puig.

Ashton Kutcher at the 2022 NYC Marathon<p>TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images</p>
Ashton Kutcher at the 2022 NYC Marathon

TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

According to Runner's World, this was Kutcher's first marathon, and he ran to support his nonprofit Thorn, which works to stop child sexual abuse and online exploitation. He finished his race with a time of 3:54:01.

Since August, Kutcher shared his journey training for the marathon in a partnership with Peloton and celebrity friends for a series to hype up the race and put a focus on his charity.

It all led up to Nov. 6, and the day before the race, Kutcher's excitement was amplified by the fact that they'd already raised over $1 million for Thorn.

Ellie Kemper at the NYC Marathon<p>Bryan Bedder/New York Road Runners via Getty Images</p>
Ellie Kemper at the NYC Marathon

Bryan Bedder/New York Road Runners via Getty Images

Kemper ran in support of The Brotherhood Sister Sol, which works with Black and Latinx youth on "educating, organizing, and training to challenge inequality and champion opportunity for all." She came in with a time of 5:17:39.

She posted about the marathon a week ahead, asking people for donations for her charity; this was her first marathon ever.

Claire Holt and Lauren Ridloff at the NYC Marathon<p>Bryan Bedder/New York Road Runners via Getty Images</p>
Claire Holt and Lauren Ridloff at the NYC Marathon

Bryan Bedder/New York Road Runners via Getty Images

Both Holt and Ridloff also represented charities with their run. Holt ran for Boston Children's Hospital and Ridloff for NYC Public School 347, which teaches in both English and American Sign Language for all students, including deaf and hard-of-hearing children.

The two actresses finished within a few minutes of one another, taking just over four hours to complete the marathon.

Ahead of the race, Ridloff shared a video showing her history supporting the NYC Marathon over the years, while this is the first time she actually ran.

Former New York Giants football player Tiki Barber ran in the 2022 race, as he has in the last seven marathons, along with journalists and TV anchors Amy Robach and TJ Holmes.

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the NYC Marathon<p>Jamie Squire/Getty Images</p>
Chelsea and Hillary Clinton at the NYC Marathon

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Chelsea Clinton ran for the second time and was welcomed by her mother, Hillary Clinton, at the finish line, while popular YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat ran in the marathon this year as well.

Clinton's time was 4:20:34, while Neistat finished at a time of 3:54:28.

A couple of members of the Bachelor and Bachelorette family, Matt James and Zac Clark, ran this year too, and both have run multiple marathons. James finished with a time of 3:46:45, while Clark finished at 4:08:10.

Congrats to this year's participants!

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