Celebrities Are Using This Tattoo Removal Laser On Their Faces

Celebrities are now using a tattoo removal laser on their faces. (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever regretted a tattoo and undergone laser removal to rid yourself of your ink (see: Johnny Depp and “Wino Forever”), you might be one step ahead of the hottest beauty technology.

From tattoo removal parlors to the offices of celebrity dermatologists, the PicoWay laser is the latest service touted by the Hollywood elite. According to Beverly Hills-based Dr. Harold Lancer, derm to the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Nicole Richie, and Scarlett Johansson, the PicoWay “is currently the fastest firing laser on the market; firing at 1,000 times faster than the formerly fastest laser available,” he says. The machine was originally created to remove tattoos—Lancer says it’s “incredibly efficient at heating the skin,” thus disrupting color pigment. But even if you don’t have regrettable ink, the laser can correct excess pigmentation, tone, and brown spots. Lancer has been pioneering this alternative use for the laser, using the heat to cause micro-injuries, which stimulates the skin repair mechanism and jumpstarts collagen production. Bingo, fabulous skin!

Lancer started using the cutting edge technology in his office just a few months ago—as soon as it was cleared by the FDA—and used it on his celebrity patients for this past red carpet awards season. “Anyone in the public eye will prefer the PicoWay obviously because of its effectiveness, but also the brief downtime and much less pain during and post treatment,” says Lancer. (Pain averse? You can ask for some topical numbing cream before the laser fires away.)

Unsurprisingly, achieving that flawless Beyonce complexion will cost you both time and money. Appointments take about an hour and a half, and downtime—which varies by person, treatment, and use—will require approximately two to three days of redness and staying out of the sun. (The derm cautions that some people will require five to seven days of healing.) Moreover, Lancer’s service starts at Bey levels: $1,500 a session.


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